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Los Angeles is Burning

Wow, this blog entry has been a long time coming … much like my trip to Los Angeles had been. It was my first trip to Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu or Anaheim (which sucked; see why below) and I didn’t really realize what I had been missing in the beach communities. Venice in particular sort of felt like home. Now, I see why so many old friends have settled there. Despite that there are a ton of Atlantans in Southern California, it seems that the stereotype of the Georgia redneck still holds true, as I...

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Don’t Tease the Tarantulas

My friends and I were recently reminiscing about a trip we took to Belize the summer before last, and I realized I never published anything about the vacation. What a shame. Belize is one of the most awe-inspiring places I’ve ever visited. The people are friendly, the drinks flow freely (usually) and the scenery is beautiful. We even made a few friends along the way. It would be impossible to list all the lessons I learned there in this blog (don’t tease the tarantulas, don’t touch insects in the jungle, howler monkeys make scary sounds,...

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Stung Another Day

Instead of succumbing to the usual Thanksgiving helter skelter, I jetted off with my parents and my son to Herron Hill Villa on Great Exuma, Bahamas (thanks to my pal Scott Lowman for the use of his place). Another stamp in the passport, another round of vacation related injuries, and I’m back in time for the holidays only a little worse for wear. As usual, I came back from the trip with a few lessons learned, a few friends made and a few days of recovery time ahead of me. As poet Moslih Eddin Saadi...

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